Fentanyl Awareness


22Apr 2017

Every day, 91 Americans fatally overdose on an opioid drug. It may be a

prescription analgesic or heroin—4-8 percent of people who misuse

painkillers transition to heroin—but increasingly it is likely to be heroin’s

much more potent synthetic cousin fentanyl. In the space of only two years,

fentanyl has tragically escalated the opioid crisis. This drug is 50-100 times

more potent than morphine and able to enter the brain especially quickly

because of its high fat solubility; just 2 milligrams can kill a person, and

emergency personnel who touch or breathe it may even be put in danger.

Unfortunately, many people addicted to opioids as well as other drugs like

cocaine are accidentally being poisoned by fentanyl-laced products.


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