Treatment and Travel

By Jon Heller
Well,do you make sure they have airfare home, no matter the outcome? (AMA,non complete, etc).because 1. providing airfare falls under enticement, which is offering financial gifts or services in order to come to your program and not some other. It is both illegal and unethical. And 2, if you’ve seen or read any of the news recently in regards to patient trafficking and brokering, as well as the treatment merry go round where clients leave one program, get high for a few days and enter another detox, airfare actually plays a big part in it. Clients are lured out of their State or region with lots of promises. They arrive in California and those promises aren’t met or the fail or they aren’t suitable for that program and because it was a one-way ticket they are forced to find another facility, get into a shelter, or be homeless. No one should ever end up homeless because they didn’t “perform” in yours or anyone’s treatment center. Unless it’s a full cash pay and airfare is negotiated, providing it to an insurance client is wrong on many, many levels.


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